Waves Project

Today's Breeze

The ocean's surface may contain many distinct waves of different sizes, traveling in various directions, simultaneously. Here, the biggest wave has been traveling for three days and hundreds of miles, the medium wave was created by yesterday's wind and the small ripples are from today's breeze. These waves remarkably co-exist, traveling in different directions through each other unaffected. I see this as a powerful metaphor for a wide variety or truths. Observing these three waves led me to comparisons from history's influence on the present to ideas about bio-diversity, politics, wars and co-existence. We are today's breeze in terms of the earth's history and our understanding of nature's complexities.


Today's Breeze


Three Waves


Bulk Water


Concept Drawing for Wave Machine


Technical Drawing for "Bulk Water"


Water Column, One Boat, One Wave, One Moment


Three Days, Three Winds, Three Waves


How Complicated Can it Possibly Be? (A Little Hydrogen, a Little Oxygen)


Rogue Waves


Waves Bend Flat Space


Bulk Natural Gas Carrier (4 Eggs)


Buoyancy and Iron


Who is Making All the Bread?


Plane of Gravity