Tops Drawings

Art is like a toy airplane powered by an elastic band-wind up the propeller and meaning is stored as potential energy. The artist's sleight of hand holds the prop temporarily in place; the meaning concealed, encoded as metaphor. Mental gears can turn within the viewer at any time and let loose the wound-up elastic, driving the propeller. Suddenly the imagination takes flight, soaring with understanding.

Medium: Graphite, Pencil Crayon, Pen and Ink, On Mylar


3 Tops


Area Calculation for Gold Sheet


Chamber Containing a Pure Element by Nicola Rammell


Compassion Heart


Fire Top 2


Golden Rectangle Top


Heart Top 2




Motor-started Tops Concept Drawing


Neon Electric


Neon Pyrex Glass






Solar Particle Top


Spinning Top 1


Technical Drawing


Tin Man's Heart


Tin Top


Too Loo




Turnip Heart


Turnip Top


Turnip Top 2


Water Top