Forces of Nature

The Experimental Arena - Defining the Imagination

Through action, we try various ways of being in the world, conjugating the elemental verbs I am, you are, it is. The experimental theatre, the playground, the arena of action, is where art, sports and science all function. A top, like any toy, is an experimental device, a mediator between the world of play and the laws of physics. As it spins, a top will find its centre of balance. Hitting an obstacle, it wobbles and usually finds its equilibrium again. A toy top that resembles the human heart incredibly defies gravity for a time and in this process becomes a metaphor for a human life.

Medium: Spun and Lathed Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastic


Angular Momentum


Axis of Symmetry


Centrifugal Force


Compassion Heart


Entropy's Nemesis


Flying Saucer


Gravity's Challenger


Gyroscopic Effect