Cones Series

Good Cone, Bad Cone

The cone is a classic three-dimensional shape that has been employed in various occupations down through the ages. As happens in nature and society, there is always more than one path that can be traveled-so it is with the simple geometric shape, the cone. Some cones take paths that lead to good. But some cones, due to poor decisions, bad influences or because they are made of inferior stuff, follow paths to evil. Welcome to my make-believe world where, just for a moment, we can blame inanimate objects for "good" or for "evil". Definitions of good and evil are never black and white and may shift in and out of fashion. The reason why one cone may go bad and not the other has occupied great minds since the beginning of time. In art, literature, dreams and kid's play we can bend the rules enough to see the world in a different light.


Mother of All My Cones


Three Cones: Anorexic, Fat and Fatter


Conic Section: Ellipse


Good Cone, Bad Cone


Insecurity = Arms Race And Other Bad Feelings


Neutral, Defensive, Offensive


Calculating the Volume