Super Heroes of the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Elemental Human Qualities

A Superhero is the metaphorical equivalent to a magnifying glass--someone whose effect on their surroundings is amplified, whose strengths and weaknesses are exaggerated. This is one way to examine the nature of certain qualities e.g. strength. Why doesn't Superman "smash through any bank in the United States? He has the strength, but he wouldn't." Why not? Because he has benevolence. One conclusion of the Superman thought experiment is that benevolence is an important companion to strength.

Through various means we build models of the ephemeral to examine the nature of the human heart. Qualities such as kindness, brutality, joy and greed are the domain of a wide variety of disciplines: philosophy and psychology, art and literature. These are all systems that can map these dynamics, lay out the parameters of anger, quantify grace, organize these elements into groups or equations.

In this series of artworks, a multi-dimensional construct, like hope, or a force of nature, like gravity, is given a cape and pink tights and elevated to superhero status.

Medium: Laser Print from original Graphite, Pencil Crayon, Pen and Ink, On Mylar and Steel


Angular Momentum










Heart of Gold